Tuesday, November 20, 2007


*****SOLD OUT*****



oh now I'm real stoaked I bought mos def tickets the other day! I used get so pumped when you guys would play union square on my way home from work, the illest. Can't wait for Friday!
So what's up w/ some London vids! I need to see how ya'll wrecked shop across the pond w/ Mos!
Hey, you guys were fantastic last night at the Mos Def gig. Really, really impressed!

I wish I was around London town this week to catch more of you while you are over here!
Hi guys

I heard your stuff for the first time when I watched the New York Times video about you on YouTube, then watched the videos you at posted under 'thisbrass'. It's refreshing to hear organic music again, which is why I was more than a little disappointed to see your mic stands being taken offstage after your performance at Shepherds Bush Empire. I was hoping for (and expecting) you to perform with Mos Def as you at in Brooklyn and in your mp3 snippets. Also, from where I was standing in the middle near the front I could barely hear the tuba. The drums were being amplified much more by the sound system. A level imbalance maybe?

I saw Talib Kweli at Shepherds Bush Empire over a year ago and was quite surprised to see him roll up to join the queue behind us in KFC after the gig!

Again though, I was disappointed that he had taken the DJ approach to performing his stuff. I know it's true to the roots of hiphop in a way but when they're just instrumentals of your own records... it's not exactly very impressive. I've also seen Wyclef and Kelis in the same venue and they brought bands, and they were amazing.

So please, please, please bring Mos Def back to London for a gig with you guys.

And you know who you remind me of...? Breakestra. Do you like their stuff? I saw them at the Jazz Café (a venue I hear you've performed at).

Anyway great stuff guys, and can I buy your CD? I don't like iTunes. You should check out CD Baby - www.cdbaby.com - sell your stuff on there
i heard yall playing in Times Square about a month ago, bought your green CD and it is definitely rotating in my iPod! when you getting back to the US?
You guys are great, saw you in Covent Garden today. Keep it up.
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