Thursday, October 18, 2007


Hey team, we're kind of blue today—our trip to Tokyo has been canceled due to venue woes. Looks like it's gonna be a little while til we're able to get out there and say thanks for making "Brass In Africa" the number one record in Japan a few weeks ago.

As Yosh might say—the flipside to this is Tokyo's loss is NYC gain. Happy to announce we're bossing up a show at HIGHLINE BALLROOM on Monday 29 October. Details soon come!

And YES we are blasting off to EUROPE again next month. Still last minute confirming a couple cities but we're doing some shows with MOS DEF, one with MIA and another with Detroit Underground legend JEFF the usual solo show shenanigans. The early adopters out there have already started buying tix in London, Dublin, Amsterdam and when the full schedule is firmed up everyone else will be in the know as well! Stay tuned.

Any chance of Mos showin up at Highline? Either way im definitely gonna be there.
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