Tuesday, October 09, 2007


So yeah—last week we were in the studio on the late late night tip with icon that is Maxwell. Apparently dude's been holed up in the studio FOREVER working on a crazy trilogy of music entitled "Black Summers' Night". His fans probably already know the single "Pretty Wings" that's streaming over at his MySpace. Well yall aint gonna recognize it anymore, HYPNOTIC got in there opened that tune up with the classic HYPNOTIC sound !

The Wikipedia is talking about how Maxwell has been hard at work on this project for awhile, but who knows maybe it'll take even longer if Bros keep getting in the studio like that. That's cool though, apparently your man's first record that amazing "Urban Hang Suite" was finished in 1994 and shelved for two years before the label released it!

Either way, sooner or later babies are gonna get made to this!

Props to ya'll on the Maxwell thang! ;-) You all are really moving up! I know that the world is goN to love it when you all make to the BIG lights!

Peace N BlessNs!
Ooh..y'all worked with Maxwell?! Now..that is fo shizzle rizzle dizzle! Hopefully, Black Summer's Night...the album will be released soon. Columbia has not set a release date. Looking forward to hearing your contribution. Good luck peeps with your career! I know it will fly HIGH!! ;)
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