Friday, October 12, 2007


Four members of HYPNOTIC BRASS ENSEMBLE were on hand in Chicago this week as their father Kelan Phil Cohran taped an hourlong episode of the "H3O Show" on Chicago Access Network. Chitown community icon Dr Gloria Latimore Peace's long-running program covers "history, culture, health, nutrition, spirituality, performances by local artists, panel discussions on contemporary issues, and one-on-one interviews with experts in various fields." Cosmogonic conductor-instructor Kelan has been a guest on the show before but this time he wanted the Bros on camera as a way of bridging the generation gap in the community and reaching out to the young people of Chi with some positive, independent and focused role models.

As a result the conversation was kinda crazy, ranging in topics from the Cohran order's nontraditional upbringing and what that meant in and to the hood, HYPNOTIC's perspectives as black men with passports in the world and their experiences with gangs, drugs and the streets growing up.

Needless to say we're trying to get a hold of the tape after it airs.

For those in the Chi, the "H3O Show" is on CAN19 Fridays at 830pm and Sundays at 330pm. Youtube that please!

Here are some pics from the taping, taken before Kelan told Smoov to take off his hat lol.

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