Friday, October 05, 2007


Hello brass fans, well our private stock of the number one record in Japan finally came in.

It's bossy!

Only 500 were made and they're available only in Japan.

MAXWELL got one though. More on that story next week!

(Yes really!)

Could you hook a brother with a radio show and a fan?

The Rhythm Lab
Yeah yeah. I've ordered mine last week. It is the booommmmb! Keep it up.
I've been a huge fan of your father ever since I got On the Beach. Truly unique and a shame that he isn't that well known in the international jazz community.
Anyway, I'm just as much a fan of you guys. The Jupiter 10" stays great no matter how many times I spin it!
Too bad I missed you when you were at the North Sea. I've heard it was off the hook.

Good luck with the upcoming gigs and all the love from Holland.
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