Wednesday, September 12, 2007


It's Fashion Week in NYC. HYPNOTIC ain't really on all that whole catwalk vibe, we're keeping a low profile. But since our G-Star people from Holland are in town showing some flyy new looks for the fall/winter, it's a good chance to throw up some pics of custom pieces they made for the band earlier this year. G-Star's not like a lot of other clothing companies, they don't just send a box of clothes over with a note attached like "wear this." The whole team really spent a long time studying HYPNOTIC's music and lifestyle and then came up with something unique that was different for both the band and the brand...kinda like Sun Ra for the hood in 2010!

These photos are coming out in the German music magazine LOOP this fall along with an interview, so check for that, ask your penpal to send you one.

Next month we're linking up with the Dutch denim brand again, this time in Tokyo at the insanely bossy 100% Design's our first trip to Asia!

These photos are extra fly, makes black sexy in all ways.
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