Monday, September 10, 2007


The Bros are back in NYC and back at the lab—in the streets playing some new tunes for the people. Here's one that hasn't been recorded or released, what do you think of it??

I think this song is called _______________________________________.

I'm not sure what street you were playing on in the video, but you could name it something like "5th Avenue Stroll".

Just an idea.

p.s. Very nice. Good groove.
'bout sway
Really nice! I really enjoyed it! The first thought I had was that it's a very catchy tune--I could even see it used in a movie/film. :-)
me and my mates came to nyc on business trip all the way from malaysia. so we were going to times square, you know, your typical tourist stuff, then i heard drum beats followed by this awesome harmonic tunes and it turns out it's mercury by these guys and they were show stopper you know. it's my favourite it was great and had to buy both their albums! you just had to! big ups to you guys and yep now that im back here, everyone's going to hear me promoting you guys! (hope my link works)
You should name it "Speakeasy"
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