Wednesday, September 19, 2007


On deck: Jafar settles in. Briarcliff Manor, September 2007.

This is how we do it, the Mansion 3.0. HYPNOTIC BRASS ENSEMBLE has moved in to some new digs up on the hill behind Briarcliff Manor Country Club in an undisclosed location in Westchester County, roughly between the Hudson River, Bill Clinton's house and the Rockefeller Estate. It's good to get out of the city every once in a while, dunno what it is but NYC just seems crazy LOUD lately.

Anyways there will be more pics to come, you'll be able to check out the bossy crushed black marble look of the interior and see the guys watching karate flicks and playing Playstation 24/7 get rare glimpses of the elusive HYPNOTIC lifestyle, silk bathrobe and slipper status. The house is actually on three acres of woods so you can bet there's about to be some crazy writing sessions "out back."

Oh yeah, and we're gonna have a housewarming party real soon. It's going down!

PS Note the hoop in the driveway...There's already been one basketball-related injury. Bros are taking their court game real serious.

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yo, yo - i knows where u live and there ain't no blankblank blank country club anyway (cross it out don't let anybody see that!)

seriously guys - you are the best thing to happen to this area since bill & hill moved nearby: art, music, life and kickin' horns!

(mansion 3.0??? what was 1.0??)

Digging the house brothas! When R the girlfriends goN 2 B able to come thru?
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