Thursday, August 23, 2007


It's true, we've been messin you up your whole head, teasing you with news of THE SHOW. Yeah it's gonna be otherworldly...but that's gonna be September 3rd. So while HYPNOTIC is getting its chops together in NYC, their father Bro. Kelan Phil Cohran is having a little warm-up of his own this weekend in the Chi.

On Sunday KPC will be honored as a Jazz Warrior (!) at Jazz In The Alley 2007 in Dunbar Park (behind Dunbar HS, 29th & Calumet street west of King Drive)...and looking at the schedule below it seems he's also gonna be doing a bit of presenting in the evening. Oh sure there's also a natural haircare Q&A and a headwrap workshop...but given the growing audiences at his spellbinding performances this year, you know the real roots work is going down at 6:15pm. Someone EMAIL US and put us up on the mental expansion!

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