Tuesday, August 21, 2007


HYPNOTIC BRASS ENSEMBLE at Lions Den, NYC August 2007.

WOAH...This dude Djouls in Paris has compiled a complete HYPNOTIC BRASS ENSEMBLE discography over at his his aptly-titled Music You Don't Hear On The Radio. Even if you're living with the music daily it still sort of brings a tear to the eye to see it all lovingly laid out in living color HTML with the proper attention to detail, fact-checking and artwork/design.

On the flipside it also brings in to focus just how focused this band is: three CDs, two 10in singles and a couple wild cards thrown in for good measure...and if you know us like we know us, you know we're just getting started. Anyways, bookmark this in your browser!

Complete HYPNOTIC BRASS ENSEMBLE discography here.

Nice, for your next post you can tell us all how to get the complete discography.

That would be cool.


I'm serious.
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