Thursday, August 16, 2007


Home runs: the Baji twins...and Jackie Robinson, Harlem USA, August 2007.

HYPNOTIC BRASS ENSEMBLE roared back into NYC last night with its full sound: four trumpets, two trombones, one baritone, one sousaphone, a drummer and that South Side Chitown swagger that made a tough city like NY open up and accept the Bros as nine of their own. HYPNOTIC will represent Chicago greatness to the dirt but it's always a pleasure to play for our people wherever they may be in the world. Last night the nation came out to see us at Jackie Robinson Park in Harlem...Friday night we hope they'll be out at the Lions Den at 214 Sullivan Street downtown.

Props to headliner Leela James who ripped it...see you in Chicago! And thanks to Erika, Michelline and Simone at City Parks Foundation for the look. Let's do it again next year!

damn! i missed y'all playing around the corner from my apt...

come back around this way soon, y'hear?
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