Sunday, July 29, 2007


All insane, ill-conceived, absurd good things must come to an end, and the HYPNOTIC BRASS ENSEMBLE July Tour 2007 was no exception. On Saturday we woke up in Paris, flew to Toronto and muscled our way through a well-produced show at the city's gorgeous Harbourfront Centre—an open-air theater right there on the pristine waters of Lake Ontario. We rocked the opening slot for Miami's Haitian sound system sensation Sak Pasé as part of the Centre's World Routes: Global Hip Hop programming and if we were tired (and we weren't...aight?) the crowd didn't seem to notice, we got crazy love from the few thousand people who ended up packing the pier as well as tasteful appreciation from the rich folks pulling up in their yachts (yes really)...talking 50-foot status yall!

It was our first gig in Toronto and trust we'll be going back, hopefully for some dates this fall. "T-dot" has everything the band looks for in a city...and let's leave it at that!

Changing up the look on these pics a bit, just to show the scope of the gig. Click to enlarge.

Props to Dalton at Harbourfront Centre for the link.

we killed that show. i found a new home n toronto. thanx 4 the luv.
yo Kelan,

hope you enjoyed that footprints cd i handed you.

once again, you guys KILLED that stage.

i was talking to the main promotor afterwards and he told me straight up that you should of headlined that gig...(y'all were light years passed that sak posse crew)

anyhow, love to have you guys do a show for us up here.
i have a number of events that you guys would just murder!

hit me back if you're interested...
jay s
general eclectic
Amazing show boys, y'all killed it up big time. I'm a T-Dot native and caught y'all at Union Square in NYC earlier this spring - bought the disc on sight. Come back I promise I'll links a big turnout.. T-dot loves jazz, brass and hip-hop. Much love and PEACE.
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