Saturday, July 21, 2007


Stumbling thru a Frankfurt train station last night I came up on the spot where we played last November—the handheld camera footage ultimately becoming groundwork for the crazy insane DIY video for "War" that got the internet goin nuts.

We might have to retire that clip pretty soon, though. In Barcelona we shot a new video for the song with talented young director Santi Gonzalez Aguado. Santi's done some award-winning video work including stuff for M. Ward and El Chavo, so when he reached out we said cool.

The video should be cool, each of the Bros was shot in front of a bluescreen so Santi can freak everything out later in post-production. Dude kept saying something about having the whole band onscreen at the same time in different colored boxes, which made me think of the throwback "Brady Bunch" opening...but I figured maybe they didnt have that show in Franco-era Spain so I kept the thought to myself.

Anyways props to Santi and his team for all the hard work. Check out the dope pics his girlfriend colleague shot on set.

I see you baby! N deep thought! I love the pic! Make sure 2 cop that so that we frame it!
These are beautiful, well composed photographs of a magnificent band. The tuba shot is blowing my mind. Wow...excellent.
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