Wednesday, July 25, 2007


This is the life we're living: we've ended up in Siles, Portugal at Festival Músicas do Mundo—the country's largest world music festival. We're sharing the bill with some legends and luminaries, including Malian diva Oumou Sangaré, Ethiopian jazz lion Mahmoud Ahmed, Indian polyrhythmicist Trilok Gurtu and English reggae jammer Bitty McClean...playing with Sly & Robbie! But you know how we do, HYPNOTIC isn't content to leave until we've left our we're banging out in the narrow cobbled streets of this quiet island town.

This is a crazy way to end a hard month of hard playing—we've been moving so fast that the laid-back vibe here in Sines caught us off guard. During the day it's mostly hippie kids hanging out playing drums, smoking hash and talking to stray dogs...then at night it gets crazy, thousands of people showing up for the nightly festivities held inside the ruins of a castle sitting on a cliff above the sea. Each night's headliner is slated to take the stage at 2:30am, it aint nothing but a party out here yall and we're not getting much sleep.

I simply loved it... I'm from Sines and I have seen you guys playing here, you were amazing. Just hope you enjoyed my city has much as I apreciated your music! For sure, on of the best albuns that I bought!! Props for all of you!! Obrigado
Hey guys
I hope you enjoyed playin' here! Its a great festival and it has an excellent vibe :)
here's Roco havin problems with his instrument but still enjoyin' the place!
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