Tuesday, July 17, 2007


HYPNOTIC had an amazing time at the North Sea Jazz Festival. Respect to all the other artists (Snoop killed it), shout out to Wynton Marsalis, and many thanks to the great festival staff and the folks from Mojo who really looked out for the Bros—Natalia, Eva, Aldo and Ron.

Also holler at the kid Ruben Atlas, he's been working on a documentary on HYPNOTIC for the past year ago and he came out to record our historic appearance in Rotterdam.

Also thanks to Marije from G-STAR for making the trip up to Rotterdam with fresh fits. She rolled up in the custimo G-STAR Raw Defender Land Rover 8-seater and drove Bros to the first show. Bossy, it's the only way to travel.

Hi guys,

Your performance at NSJ sunday was surprising, fantastic, mind blowing and very hot!
But Snoop dogs performance was really hot too....
Good luck with your European tour and if ya'll visit The Netherlands again, let us know! We still want your cd!!!!

love Annemiek and Ilvy
Glad 2 C that ya'll r havN fun! Keep rockN N I'll B N Canada 2 c my boo(L.T.)! Peace N love!
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