Sunday, July 15, 2007


Last night—or this morning, rather, since we played at 1:30am (?!?!?!)—HYPNOTIC BRASS ENSEMBLE stormed back up into the North Sea Jazz Festival to deliver another crushing set of all original music. The hot thing about the 1:30 marquee slot is that it was timed blast off right as some of the big headline shows were letting out. You'd think that'd be aight, all the thousands of festival patrons streaming past the band on their way out into the night and thus giving us a chance to show tons of people what we're all about. Didn't turn out exactly like that though.

You know some shit is going down when artists ARRIVE to the gig after midnight, and that's what we did when our driver dropped us off at the front doors of the venue—we were coming IN as people were going OUT. Save all the blood diamonds and Jesus pieces, we came in the doors like some kind of true ghetto superhero hooded out Rolling Stones brass rock band from the future of the very next moment. We do what we want when we want. We wear our sunglasses at night. A crowd built around us for the next hour and by 1:30 the drama was lit, we had to wait for whatever jazz legend was playing to finish up in some concert hall so we could give the people what they wanted. But they wanted it now, the future they wanted they wanted it right THEN—so much so that the vibe was getting hectic, a thousand or so people waiting in the lobby of the venue as the clock ticked towards 2am, HYPNOTIC standing there with heat in their hands ready to put it down, it was about to be a rally or a riot.

We finally got the green light to play and started in on "Mushallah". Our set was pretty much over after that, the whole festival transfixed by tones they'd never heard or anticipated and maybe never even dreamed of, you know how HYPNOTIC music is it's the sound you always wanted but were always afraid to hope for. People clapping, people dancing, people crying, coming right up to the band as they played and wanting to embrace the Brothers, people on upper levels leaning over the railings, someone shut down the escalators and more people packed on just to get a view—trying to see what, exactly, was the source of that sound.

The rest of the set was a mass of heat and light with no beginning and no end, the Bros throwing themselves in to the heart of their songs to see what new brilliance they could pull out, the crowd churning in front of them, above them, every place all around, the band sending love out and the people sending it back. I think it ended at some point, not sure when or how.

We were there! You guys were the hidden pearl on the evening with no doubt the best vibe I felt in 2 days NSJ. They must give you a stage next year. Thnx!!!!

O wow: just discovered you will play the yukon-stage tonight! will be there ! :)
whop whop!!
you made me rock!
-m- still... dancing
at work listening
to the cd
that was fun in rotterdam
hope you travel light
and far****
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