Sunday, July 15, 2007


Well, here at North Sea anyways. We're changing up the usual HYPNOTIC game and letting the good folks at the IT RECORDS booth bump the product for us. No surprises, they keep selling out. With Dutch sales tax of 20% these are basically promo, but then again this country has great healthcare, nice roads and legalized marijuana. Attention Europe, when we come out here heavy our CDs are gonna cost like 78 euros. Holla.

Too bad Equinox.
I went into the IT records store at the NorthSeaJazz festival and they were sold out.
How in the world can I get one of your CDs.

I was standing in front and I saw when the escalator stopped. People didn't want to get out. They where hypnotized, I know, I was.

Chances are remote I'll be in Chicago. Here I'm stuck in the Netherlands, without a documented soundbit of the band. So, if you please, show me a way how to get a copy!!!!
Incoming vibrantion from Kelan Phil Cohran "I applaud your success, I expected as much cause there isn't a person or a group with orginal music coming from the ancestors. Get use to being a phenomenon, Don't fall into the trap of praise, you're the only judge of what you do. Don't allow others to evaluate it. I luv you!"
Bro Phil
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