Sunday, July 22, 2007


That's what the newspapers called it. We closed out our time in Frankfurt with a mesmerizing show at the city's Historical Museum as part of Kunstlerhaus Mousonturm's "Summer In The City/Jazz im Museum" programming—in this case an 11am show in the museum's garden courtyard.

As you might imagine is the case to be for latenighthousepartyrocking "cold-blooded heroes of funk", HYPNOTIC doesn't have an early morning jazz brunch set ready to go, we aint that type of show...So we more or less did what we always do, some Bros stayed up all night at a salsa club and then just rolled to the show ready to play we put together two stunning sets of stirring spiritual music to explore the meridians of this all original HYPNOTIC material—almost two hours of intense, focused playing and that's something you don't always get to see or hear from this band. Plus an encore!

Germans love jazz and they love brass, but still...over 800 Frankfurters packed into the museum's garden? Check out LT getting his Phil Cohran on, bringing knowledge to the people!

Thanks to the Mousonturm staff for great hospitality. Let's bring it back!!

Most High Bless that tuba. Take it through the roads and skys and let it resound your music 2 praise yr order and bring down yr blessNs!!! Amen

Baby keep the thang moving with the tuba and keep the knowledge rollN 4 the others and spit the word 2 our people. I know God will bless yr hands so that yr instrument moves so fluidly that the valves move on their own. Know that I miss U and luv U deeply, truly, and forever!

Aina ;-)
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