Thursday, July 19, 2007


That was then: LT at Robert Johnson Club, Offenbach, November 2006.

Well, we're back in Frankfurt again. It's kinda cool to walk out the train station and know where you're going—in this case back to the grimy (but wifi equipped!) hostel we crashed in last year as we re-upped and got it crackin on the HYPNOTIC mythmaking you've been following. We're staying in some posh accommodations this weekend for our show at the Frankfurt Jazz Museum but you know how we do we always stay close to our roots. Ok maybe this will be our last hostel stay ever but tomorrow we're gonna get up and hit the Zeil market with our horns, we got a lot of love last time so we're ready to bring it back.

Here's a youtube from last year's trip, seems like forever ago. Gypsies, where ya at??

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