Monday, June 18, 2007


Woah, people are whylin out about the Mos Def Big Band x HYPNOTIC BRASS ENSEMBLE live at the Apollo James Brown mp3s that materialized on the internet. You can get them here and here.

Message board are also chattering about Kelan Phil Cohran. The boss of the bosses, father of HYPNOTIC, is eBaying a personal copy (!) of his mega rare OG 7in EP release of "New Frankiphone Blues" b/w "Black Beauty" and "African Look" came out in 1967 on KPC's own label Zulu records, it's a piece of history and you can get at it here until Tuseday just after noon Chicago time.

If you miss out on the auction, take the hundreds of dollars you'd spend on a little piece of vinyl and buy a plane ticket to the Chi. KPC is giving a deep listening session this Thursday at the Funky Buddha Lounge. Equinox is hoping to be up in the place and if that's the case you'll get the full update here!

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