Wednesday, June 27, 2007


As promised Equinox Blogspottingtons was up in Chicago's Funky Buddha last week for a stellar show from Kelan Phil Cohran. KPC's definitely been on the rise and doing new things lately, he had a few well-received art gallery performance type shows in Wicker Park a few weeks ago—then at this gig he GAVE away a song on CD to the first 10 people in the door...and y'all know KPC never gave away his music!

Anyways this was one of those special shows, collegey kids were sitting in rapt attention on the floor at his feet, old school South Side hepsters hanging out on the banquettes, KPC putting forth hardcore ancestral vibes on the trumpet, French horn, harp and the cosmic video projection! The man's a movement unto himself.

I know KPC doesn't like to "mix energy fields"...but we have to ask: When we gonna get the HYPNOTIC BRASS ENSEMBLE x Kelan Phil Cohran tour happening???

Respect to Lavon Pettis and CoCo Esad from Sol Cyrans and the whole Ground Lift mag crew. Shouts to Bros Sirami, Cephus, A1 and Mushallah holding down the merch table...I see you sirs!

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