Thursday, May 31, 2007


So we flew in to Amsterdam we went out to the G-STAR campus, first to get fitted in fresh dips for the show in Arnhem later that week. Team G-STAR has been hard at work in the atelier studying HYPNOTIC BRASS ENSEMBLE and getting ready for the collaboration. It was kinda crazy, they'd been working off of reference photos of the band from our last meet up at NY Fashion week back in January...

The gear was a change-up from how most people see the Bros, but if you really know HYPNOTIC you know we're ever changeable and we've got crazy styles. Throw the G-STAR gear on us and we're gonna take it to our dimension. Check out Rocco getting his B2K Bow Wow modeling game on.

Anyways after the fitting, Roland from G-STAR gave us a tour of the company's campus—it really gave us a sense of perspective for just how cool the relationship could be, just looking at all the other projects they've worked on in the past, everything from a line of dope hoodies and tshirts with everything designer Marc Newson to denim-covered rhinos.

Of course that's just part of the story. Next post i'll tell you what they did to the INSTRUMENTS.

Greetings to everyone in cyberspace & all other places you exist,
In the past 2 years Bro Kelan Phil Cohran has increased his visibility and music access throughout the world. As many of you know Bro Phil's contributions to musicology were overlooked for 40 + years. We want you to know there is moor rare music to come, moor movement, & expect moor as Bro Phil share's his enlightenment with the other visionaries throughout the world! Bro Phil turns 81 years old on May 8 that's almost 2 weeks for now...

Please heed this call from Sol Cyrans cuz we need your assistance...We gonna lyte a candle & blaze a fya on dis one! Vultures throughout the world are bootlegging Bro Phil's music or selling it without his permission. (This isn't a bad thing cuz it exposes more masses to the music...)

Then there are those people with expired contracts who continue to distribute his music throughout the world...(the ancestors will deal wif dem, they mite need more dan a prayer maybe a lil borax to cleanse dey azz)

Here's what we need from
1. Go to your local record store and purchase a copy of On The Beach either CD or LP....(the more this record is sold in stores the more we can keep track of these items)

2. share these youtube videos with someone you know!,,,

3. Keep Bloggin

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