Friday, May 18, 2007


Fader's a good magazine—it's what you might read if you weren't clicking back here all the time for updates, or wandering the dusty streets of this latter-day Babylon trying to find out where HYPNOTIC BRASS ENSEMBLE is playing next. Anyways the writers over there have been doing an okay job at tracking down the Bros, hopefully they'll keep covering us in bigger ways. Anyways big up to Eddie Stats for the write-up and Geordie Wood for the photo. If you wanna read the whole thing you can buy it at a newsstand or get it for free thru iTunes as a podcastimo pdffington.

I tried to gaffle the article part below, try to click on it but im not sure the text will be big enough.

it was good seeing you guys play yesterday. i was finally able to grab of of your cd's which i'm jamming to right now. i already added you guys to my links.
like i said before if the opportunity is there to collaborate on something with guys i'be honored.

Guys you kick ass! I was looking for some good music in Myspace and than I found you! Great sound, simple but with a lot of spirit! Congratulations!

By the way!
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