Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Yeah yo...Lincoln Center...Brooklyn Academy of Music...makes sense that now we're set to play a JAMES BROWN TRIBUTE at the APOLLO THEATER with MOS DEF. That'll be June 11. It's a benefit for the Apollo in memory of JB so you know there's gonna be plenty of light and heat in the place. Plus Maceo is schedule to perform!

For tix call 800.618.3444.

PS Yall know you missed shots of these hoodies, RIP Sean Bell.

UPDATE: Yo people are saying tix for the show are like $1000, $850 of which is tax deductible. That's diesel, someone pls hook up an after party for us in Harlem so we can all kick it.

Dudes. where can I find a copy of your CD? your stuff rocks but all I can find to purchase online is like vinyl singles in germany.
Do you guys play in NYC regularly? I saw you for a few minutes on the sidewalk at Columbus circle. I was in a bit of a hurry but wished I could have stuck around to listen to more or had cash on me to get a CD. I was hoping you were from town here and I could catch you guys play, but Chicago is cool too.
Loved what I heard of you guys.
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