Thursday, April 19, 2007


Throw your burner in the sky.
Photos by N “SMAXX SILLY” Morgan, for sFs GFX, © 2007

Not sure what it says about these days in which we're living, but it feels like getting a look on Palms Out and Strictly Fitteds just seems right and certainly feels better than waiting around for the Entertainment Industrial Complex (from music magazines to music labels) to find out about HYPNOTIC BRASS ENSEMBLE and then figure out how to get down with the program. The way it is right now certain people get it and know how to come at Bros with the right angles. Case in point: these photos are from today's edition of Strictly Fitteds ("Size Matters" lol) and in addition to some raw flix they also coming correct with the words, viz. "Think of the JBs, Tower Of Power, Fishbone, Earth Wind & Fire. Throw in a dash of Outkast for good measure. Tie that up and and you’ve got just a TASTE of what HYPNOTIC delivers." Just a taste true that but what a taste ma!

What the drill, can we get a New Era collab crackin?

Saw you guys at Union Square last weekend. Was pretty distracted by the coconut juice on sale at Whole Foods, but could hear in the background something pretty damn amazing that I followed by ears till I found you guys.

Bought your last two CD's. Best purchase I've made in NYC out of all the times I've come to visit. I've since come up with a master plan - to spread the word about Hypnotic Brass Ensemble all over the city of Toronto. And good gravy, it's working.

P.S. You're fans are waiting up here. Come visit soon.
Palms Out adores Hypnotic Brass. Also- I'm friends with those Truth and Soul boys-- did a remix record for them a couple years back and have been friends ever since. Small world!
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