Monday, April 02, 2007


Got a crazy nice package of mixtapes from New Zealand's premier Black black music DJ/writer Stinky Jim Pinckney. In an email he says last week he "played War near the end of my set after a furious dubstep track, as a palate cleanser and the people were literally whooping!!"

The man describes his recent "Stinkbombs 404 - Music Muderation" (!!!) as "low key business and a very different kettle of whatever to the real mixtape geezers in your neck of the proverbials"...cant figure out what that all means, but the CD cracks off with HYPNOTIC BRASS ENSEMBLE's "War" before blasting into Raekwon + El Michels Affair's "The PJs...From Afar" and then a grip reggae, electro and a bunch of other stuff. So what more do you need to know? Stinky Jim runs NZ, we wanna go down there for some shows and kick it with some Maori dudes, get tattoos and maybe do a studio session...I'd go into detail but the CD is currently getting passed around the band and they're not giving it back any time soon.

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