Friday, April 27, 2007


The Baji twins on 14th, April 2007. Photos by James Mooney, check the gallery!

Check it good people, two chances to hear HYPNOTIC BRASS ENSEMBLE for FREE this weekend:

On Saturday we're gonna blaze an opening set for Shemekia Copeland at the Schomburg Center in Harlem as part of Carnegie Hall's Neighborhood Concert Series.

If you can't make it uptown for the gig, WNYC's Studio 360 will be airing a piece on your favorite brass band this weekend. National radio schedule here so tell friends to tune in*. In NYC we'll be on at the following times:

10:45am, Saturday - 93.9FM WNYC
7:45pm, Sunday - 820AM WNYC

For impatient internet cheaters, the piece will also be online starting tonight right here. Plus itunes podcast and RSS. Thanks to Sarah Lilley for all her hard work.

*Chitown friends and fam will have to do the online thing since the show isn't airing out there. Insane!

You guys are amazing! What a wonderful story about your band and your family! 6 years ago, I moved from Detroit to Vermont and the one thing I miss the most is the music scene. I used to see this fantastic band play every Monday night back in Detroit who I miss dearly! When my buddy John Douglas would get up there and let his trumpet sing, it would send shivers down my spine...I had the same sensation when listening to the tiny bits on Studio 360 this morning. Keep it up and I'll be keeping my ear out for you!
-Kristen Toy
I loved the piece on 360 this morning. I had never heard of you guys and I am so glad I have learned about you. I hope you keep turning out good music and keep enjoying doing what you are doing.

Congrats on the Studio 360 feature. I have seen you in the subway many times and it always helps get me in a better groove.

Couple of tips for getting your music out there for free:
- post your upcoming gigs on
- you can post recordings of your gigs (including subway performances) in the Live Music Archive. My band has picked up a lot of new fans through that site.

Keep up the good work. Respect!
It's so refreshing to hear good new music. You guys sound fan-frickin'-tastic!!! All those brass instruments played guys just have so much funk, I LOVE IT!! Where can I pick up your CD's and do you guys know ahead of time where you will be playing and around the NYC area? If you do, please let me know!

Sarah H.
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