Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Well, we up out this—NYC's first official HYPNOTIC HOUSE. The ballerific semisuburban quasi-squat scenario out in Ozone Park, Queens, served well as the band's HQ in the first year or so of riding the A train into Manhattan to steal the city's unsuspecting heart. It was here in this musicalia manse that the youngest sons in what is sometimes known as the Cohran Order smoked, joked, strategized and generally got the juju crackin since moving out here from Chicago in 2005. Side note: the band never gave up it's Chicago roots for a second, and actually traveled back and forth between the two cities every month...there's money in Manhattan but home is where HYPNOTIC is.

You'd be justified in thinking that any tri-level structure housing eight or nine world-changing musicians might resound with the strains of round-the-clock composition and rehearsal, but in reality the visitor pulling up to HYPNOTIC HOUSE at any hour was more likely to be greeted by purple haze, the steam ironing of oversize denim and near-constant interlocking rhythms of gaming f/x, DIY keyboard loops and the impenetrable DVD dialogue of bootlegged martial arts classics and dubious black/white buddy flicks of overseas origin—even as one step through the door made it clear that something radically beautiful was based here (or there). As a result, both memories of and observations on the place will probably always be marked by a grid of noise and heat, by a gauze of confusion shot through with moments of seeing deeply into the very nature of things.

Of course you'd also be justified in conjuring up that old cliché about all good things and their inevitable ends, but HYPNOTIC aint on all that. We got a new spot poppin and when we get settled we'll let yall know cuz it's gonna be a big party.

For now here's Jafar Graves aka Yosh with a few words on the end of an era.

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