Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Are online music shops the new music magazines music shops? Where else are you gonna read reviews about new records? After Rough Trade and Honest Jon's rode for the HYPNOTIC "Jupiter" 10in in Europe last year, Dusty Groove is coming in the game with this to say about the "War" b/w "Mercury" 10in:

"A second sublime single from the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble -- and even better than their first! "War" is a fiercely funky little tune -- a track that states its bold theme at the beginning, then fills the grooves with tight drums, rolling conga lines, and a majestic quality that's way different than typical deep funk -- and which gives the track the righteousness of some lost 70s soul jazz number! The horn-heavy approach continues on "Mercury" -- which is a more slow-building tune that sparkles with joyous energy and a deeply spiritual sound. There's almost a Sun Ra-like quality to the track -- but the great side of Sun Ra, the more inside and soulful one!"

Get the Sun Ra crib sheet crackin! On sale here.

Boomkat, where ya at?

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