Thursday, February 08, 2007


Brass, Bottles and Model. HYPNOTIC x NYC Fashion Week, February 2007

HYPNOTIC BRASS ENSEMBLE did NYC Fashion Week yesterday with the cutting edge Dutch denim label G-STAR. Even though they have stores around the US and (especially) around the world (Tokyo, holla) it was the brand's first time showing in the city so we were glad we could show them a touch of the hottest shit in the streets right now. Also it's cold as hell here lately so we're glad G-Star's coats are so warm.

We smashed round of songs at the beginning of the runway show as fashion editors (Complex, Vibe, i-D, Fader and a buncha Japanese mags) and demicelebs (Misshapes lol) hit the carpet and entered Gotham Hall. Little bit of a problem as some of the editors came back OUT of the show to check us again. Anyways rocking fresh G-Star dips we looked good and sounded even better—the sound racing thru the cold air and bouncing back off the buildings on Sixth Ave the way it does sometimes.

Later we went downtown to Stanton Social and dropped a couple songs at the posh dinner and the wild party that followed. All in all we're really feeling G-STAR...looks like we might be doing some real next level stuff with them this year—custom fits, special releases, world tour. You know, stuff like that.

And now some pics for yalls fan sites and myspaces.

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