Friday, February 16, 2007


Full story next week holla.

Hey brothers, I saw you tonight inside union square station. Very good. Great energy. Good flow and talent. I had no money, but I would like to purchase your music and see you perform. How can I get down with the get down?
Same situation. I saw you guys last year at 42nd street train station in NY but I didn't have any money. By the time I came back, you guys were gone. I wanna cop all your albums as I'm a writer and I want to use it to inspire me. My email address is
Hi guys I'm so happy to have found you online. I am writing from Italy. I discovered your music in august 2005, walking around Chicago.You are absolutely unique and your sound and research have really inspired me. I have only one of your cd's,and I would like to buy them all as soon as possible.Ciao!
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