Friday, January 19, 2007


So then we went downtown. Knowing a lot of our HYPNOTIC peoples couldn't get into the Lincoln Center show uptown, we invited everyone to the afterparty at the dope-ass grimy punk club LiT. It'd been damn near a week since the band had been back together as HYPNOTIC BRASS ENSEMBLE, so after a few passes by the open bar y'all know what happened: the horns came back out and Bros got on stage. 360 attacked the kit and the band went into "War", then "Gypsy", then...well...then Mos ran onstage and started in with that rhymestyling. I think dude was up there for a few HYPNOTIC songs and even a reprise of "The Grunt" from the Lincoln Center show but other than that i can't call it...along with Muhammad Ali it was Equinox's earthday as well so yours truly was laid up on the side of the club burning something kinda heavy. I vaguely remember shouting BALICKY BON BON, BALICKY BON BON, BALICKY BON BON, BON BON BON but then again, so was everyone in the place so what do I know?

Answer: not much except that someone else had my camera and this is what the camera saw.

Infinite shouts to The DJ KL, Taco, Twin, Tom Cruz, Lee Sanford, the Digiwaxx crew, Joey Garfield, Steve Blue Man, No Mas NYC, Young Easy, Bolaji and D for coming through.

UPDATE: YO someone from MTV2 was up in therre. Link here. Haha now watch that "War" video get nominated for some VMAs or something. Sike!

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