Monday, January 08, 2007


Uttama Tolora Hubert aka Rocco, with euphonium aka baritone, Evanston, IL January 2007

Aight so Rocco's coming to New York to rejoin HYPNOTIC. Chicago peoples might now Rocco as part of the Cohran order and from earlier avatars of the band—he was (inaccurately ) mentioned in passing as playing the baritone sax in the Chicago Reader article—and New York fans might recognize him from being in the mix over the summer...Anyways, with things taking off for HYPNOTIC in 2007 the brothers decided it was a good time bring Young Rocc off the bench.

Last week Rocco was in Chicago (Evanston, IL actually) with the band recording tracks for the upcoming LP from Chocolate Industries rapper Diverse—more on that later—and he was already chopping up HYPNOTIC style: no holds barred. We got him to drop a little science on his re-entry.

Ironically, the baritone's the last instrument I touched. It was over at Body's [brother Amal Baji's] house, and before that it was at the mansion. Anyways I saw it over Thanksgiving and pulled it out. It'd been damn near three years since i touched it, but it felt so good when i played it. I'd been practicing by myself since then, but I didn't know how good it sounded til last week when I had it the studio with Bros—the tone was right there with the other horns. See, the baritone is the combination between the bass and the treble; it's like having a trombone with all the tricks of the trumpet: you can trill and do damn near everything else except slide.

Man, coming back in the band I feel back home, man. On the real, every time the Bros leave Chicago that sh*t feels f*cked up. We're a unit, so any time we spilt it ain't right. Plus my father is really happy. He was disappointed that i left off my instrument; he don't really talk about stuff like that but it was known. Now he's glad I'm back doing what I should be doing.

For the flipside to all of this, here's a clip of trombonists El Cid and Clef "discussing" how Rocco's horn will figure in the lineup (That's Rocco on the couch next to Professor Clef). The bigger question is, will he be playing by next week?

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