Friday, December 15, 2006


Proto SpottieOttie: Like everything else he did, Sun Ra's writing touched (on) the future.

A few items:

1. Dug up a demo of "War" from a few months back and posted it up over to the MYSPACE. New and improved version coming at you via vinyl-only 10in record after Kwanzaa. KUJICHAGULIA!

2. And yes we need to get our Ujamaa crackin. Look out for HYPNOTIC mail order dips and downloads next week.

3. Is there an Sun Ra-OutKast connection? Page 68 of John Corbett's new book got me wondering about the link betweeen Sun Ra whylin out with "SPO DE O DE" and OutKast's "SpottieOttieDopalicious" off the old Aquemini joint. I think Andre 3000 was just getting into Miles in ’98, but you never know maybe Big Boi was all up on the Saturn sound even then. Or did Sleepy Brown put em on? I though about asking KPC in Chicago last weekend...But then I figured HYPNOTIC might have answers.

UPDATE: What would it take to convince the guys to HYPNOTICize TI's "What You Know"?

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