Wednesday, December 06, 2006


We kept it Brooklyn and blazed it at Soul Fire Studios for the past two days. Knocked out six songs, which we'll get out to the people as a couple of vinyl-only 10in dips starting early-early '07. Good vibes all the way around—the band reunited, feeling creative and ready to raw, plus Leon Michels and Jeff Silverman of Truth & Soul on the boards as we recorded straight to 1-inch tape. THAT'S ANALOG YOU MARS! Anyways we won't start mixing til next week but for now yo I have to tell you that the sound was incredible. The satisfaction in the playbacks kept the energy high through the whole session—basic tracks laid down in one or two takes before banging on to the next song. We then moved in reverse, beginning by taping solos for the most recently recorded song and ending with the first track of the day. In general each man stepped his sonic game up; there's a new depth to the band's sound as a whole and the soloists pushed into new territory with a combination of insight, bravery and humility that you don't often see. Come to think of it we didn't get to see it either since everyone went into the booth—into the chamber!—and played in near darkness.

But thankfully you'll get to hear it the way we did. This is HYPNOTIC BRASS ENSEMBLE version 3.0.

Here's a little taste of the future. Digital stills gallery to come in a day or so.

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