Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Kelan Phil Cohran waiting for the moment to arrive, Hyde Park Arts Center, Chicago December 2006.

Uf, we're waiting, too...waiting for the new HYPNOTIC sound to get pressed up on wax, waiting for the green light to announce some really big news and basically waiting for the holidays to begin. HYPNOTIC is heading back to the Chi for Kwanzaa this weekend and last night KPC called to say that he's playing at Ethiopian Diamond on Saturday the 30th...Wonder if some of the Bros will mob out and get a table or something. Either way New Year's weekend is gonna be all ascension peoples! And champagne.

In the meantime, though, the Cohran call—and a couple emails from yall—reminded us that we promised to get some video footage of the master poppin. Here's some of it, boss of the bosses Kelan Phil Cohran freaking the frankiphone a couple weekend ago at Chicago's Hyde Park Art Center. Enjoy—and remember, please don't touch the harp.

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