Saturday, December 09, 2006


The rhythmic core of HYPNOTIC: III and LT at the Truth & Soul sessions, Brooklyn December 2006.

"In the old days, we'd set the drummer and the bass up against a tree and have em play there til the sun went down." —Kelan Phil Cohran said that yesterday. But more on that tomorrow. Today I'm flying back from the Chi and people buggin me about the pics from last week's session that I promised.

Like I was saying—we were in the studio last week. As previously reported, we knocked out six songs in two days: "Tarik", "War", and "Flipside" on Day 1; and "Gypsy", Mercury" and "Frankincense and Myrrh" on Day 2. HYPNOTIC fans will recognize some of those titles, since a couple of them were released on the CDs the band has been selling for a minute. Can't even really describe the nextness of these new recordings, though—the world of sound in both old songs and new—because I's still in the studio time dreamstate and I'm only gonna come out of it when we sit down to mix tomorrow. In recent weeks the band has thrust its entire repetoire into another dimension as new ideas filter into their lives and every brother prepare to confront new challenges and opportunities. The Tao Te Ching says something like, "whether you go up the ladder or down the ladder your position is still shaky." And so we're making our next moves with mindfulness, intent and focus on what the Creator has prepared for us. We're on our square but it's only natural that our sound will change and grow as our lives change and grow.

What does that mean to you? Gotta figure it'll be different things to different people, but the one sure this is that you'll be hearing the sound of a new HYPNOTIC when we drop these next 10in records beginning in January. Looks like we're gonna put them out as they were recorded so you can experience the vibe of each day as just that—a particular moment in time. The first one will be "War" b/w "Tarik" and "Flipside". God willing it'll be out around Dr King's birthday.

For now here's those flicks.

The Baji twins do what the Baji twins do.

Smoove's solos powered by Heineken!

III kicks back and cooks up a creative attack for the drumkit.

El Cid and Hudah tripping out in a sea of sound.

Pardon the left—but can someone please give Leon some dap?

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