Monday, December 04, 2006


Amal Baji and Jafar Baji take it international at the Blacktronica 5th Anniversary, London November 2006

Yo! In London DJ Patrick Forge is already playing "Balicky Bon", the flipside off the first 10in! Gotta turn the record over and cue it up +4 selectors!

The Baji twins flew in from Chicago last night, making it the first time HYPNOTIC has played as HYPNOTIC in over a month. The band sounds amazing—raw as hell coming off a holiday new ideas and approaches to the music. It's a good time to go into the studio and we're doing that this Tuesday and Wednesday. We're gonna record a mix of old and new songs and put everything to tape so the sound will be a little more representative of the HYPNOTIC sonics.

Partial song list:

Ideally these some of these songs will come out as vinyl-only singles beginning in January.

But you're right—that's weeks and weeks away. You know we're gonna tease you with some studio clips, but in the meantime bug to these pics of the band whylin out in London at the Blacktronica 5th year anniversay party. London was already being good to us and certain Bros were kinda sauced before we even got to the event, but when Hudah got up on a chair and announced the sheer brass thuggery to come...well, we went straight diesel on London! Pics below by EQUINOX.

The sudden brass assault of HYPNOTIC left Morgan Spacek awash in a sea of red light.

This was around the time that Clef started wearing a scarf on his head. You could say a lot about it, but probably wouldn't.

Jafar got to London and cut all his hair off. Then he went to the party and chopped it up with iconic photgrapher Liz Johnson-Artur.

In London dudes thug it out in hats like this. Peep the shearling too.

Here's Tic explaining HYPNOTIC's musical pedigree..."Ok so they're from Chicago..."

Acyde did it lovely on the decks. Blacktronica took it from Wu Tang to "Uptown Top Ranking" and ended with EW&F "Fantasy" got personal!

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