Wednesday, November 22, 2006


LT gets the astral long tones popping before blasting off at club Robert Johnson in Offenbach, Germany November 2006.

Only now finding out about the massive Sun Ra exhibition that's currently up in Chicago, but thankfully we'll be able to dive in head first when we're in the Chi for Kwanzaa and New Year's with HYPNOTIC. It's great to see Kelan Phil Cohran getting his due in the context of a sheer detonation of never-seen-before Sun Ra memoribilia, artifacts, photography, album art, drawings, linoleum block plates, treasure maps and a secret dictionary. YES A SECRET DICTIONARY.

Anyway the other ill thing is how the Hyde Park Art Center frames the whole endeavour in a neccessary astroblackness. The site has this line about how "the exhibition...configures Ra’s activities as being part of a broad scheme for disseminating his radical ideas about race, culture, ethics, futurity, alterity, humanity and beauty. It’s essential that this be understood in a black context, on the south-side, aimed at a black audience..." After several reads I still couldn't tell if the curators are talking about now or then—and that's a good thing.

Oh yeah and apparently there's a parallel show of contemporary Sun Ra-inspired art, and it's got a work by Wangechi Mutu in it. Maybe we can convince her to do some stuff for HYPNOTIC.

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