Monday, November 27, 2006


Just to rewind: we were psyched to find out that selector extraordinaire Gilles Peterson played the "Jupiter" 10in on his BBC Radio 1 show last week. That's a big look, because Gilles is one of the most influential voices in soul/funk/jazz listening today and also because even though certain bros in HYPNOTIC say they got sauced with "the biggest DJ in Europe...Gilles Peters" once in Miami, we didn't meet up with him in London or anything like that—he heard about us, went to the shop like a regular human being and bought the record. And to think it was only a few days before that we dropped off a little stack of vinyl in Notting Hill and then shut down Portobello Road like this. Now we're trying to figure out how to get back around that way, maybe for Notting Hill Carnival if not sooner.

While we're on GPs—gotta send a massive shout and a big thanks to DJ Greg Poole for looking out for us in London. He set HYPNOTIC up with two great gigs, nuff Brixton love and some vegetarian dining—and he just moved there himself! Back in NYC someone wanted to know how HYPNOTIC linked up with Poole and the Sleeper clique, but hey baby connects are connects. Ay yo, now if we can just connect GP with Blacktronica, maybe we'll be just that much closer to getting that carnival idea poppin.

That's HYPNOTIC BRASS ENSEMBLE aka DISOBEYERS INTERNATIONAL along with a Nigerian dude named Femi, one night in Brixton November 2006.

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