Wednesday, November 08, 2006


OK so after shutting down the Bastard club in Berlin, HYPNOTIC plowed on to Frankfurt. After moving around so much on tour brothers were anxious to take it to the streets—Chitown and NYC knows how we do it—so we hit for about an hour outside the main train station...enough time to get some energy flowing back into the band and the music.

The night really got started when we played a quick set at the Metropolis Cinema for the Frankfurt International Film Festival and then chopped it up a long while afterwards as DJ Julian Smith did it lovely on the wheels with classic soul and black pop. Dude was pulling out Mike Jackson Chicago step refixes!

With Wim Wenders and Dennis Hopper in the mix the festival's a pretty prestigious one, but truth be told we were kicking it with folks like Diego Mestanza, the young star of Cowboy Angels. Smoov just said "Shorty gonna be famous!"

HYPNOTIC, Diego, his sister, his mom (!), plus a bunch film people rolled with us to club Unity—probably one of the best clubs in Frankfurt—and the band went in to dancefloor attack mode after yeah we didn't see each other til the next a.m. bang bang.

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