Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Don't get it twisted and get to thinking that this band can't tear up a rock club. HYPNOTIC IS GARAGE BRASS.

The HBE dates with The National Trust ended on Monday night, with both lineups representing Chitown at an East Berlin hotbox called Bastard. Great sets from both bands...Hey it's no surprise to see a crowd going crazy when a band has wild chops and vision but still it's always nice to get love the way we did.

Plus on the NYC side of things you never get to see the HBE with Aquilla Sadalla—while she gigs and records with the National Trust she's a mother of the brothers and hers is the voice twisting you out on "Jupiter"...you know about "Jupiter" right? (Thanks to Big C for the gorgeous images of Ms Aquilla.)

Also gotta mention this Pete Babyshambles lookin dude. While HBE was blowing minds on stage, the Bastard bizarro world Pete version pulled out a nickel-plated trumpet and started in with some crisp solos of his own. A random guy with a horn blowing over all over HYPNOTIC—would've been annoying except the kid could really blow, albeit in a kind of classic 20th century jazz recordings kind of way. You could tell he had the catalog!

But yeah HYPNOTIC shut down the club that night with a 2 hour jam session along some weird tonal modes with Gabe the National Trust drummer and the throughly blasted Bastard patrons. Not much sleep that night.

Last note guess there's no harm in throwing up a couple looks of the next HYPNOTIC dip.

Gotta say the designer made good use of negative space with the 10in sleeve design—this waxpiece is ready-made for brass rock star autographing. But then, he knew what he was doing.

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